Actually, today was a great day.

I’m having trouble finding the words, but I know that I need to write this while things are still fresh in my mind and I’m riding the wave of euphoria that has basically carried me through the last twelve hours.

You see, for the first time ever I participated in a flash mob. About forty of us descended on Federation Square in Melbourne’s CBD, and we danced our hearts out as part of our contribution towards the campaign for marriage equality.

It was amazing and now I can well and truly tick that off my bucket list.

Even more awesome was that we got to do it again less than an hour later, in front of the  State Library as part of the YesFest rally.

But the best part wasn’t the euphoria of the dance (which was epic) and it wasn’t seeing the news coverage later (which was pretty cool if I’m honest). No, the best parts were the bits that hit you in the stomach and made you remember what it means to be human.

It was watching the wonderful daughter of one of the most beautiful women I have ever met sing in public for the first time and hitting it out of the freaking park.

It was having my boyfriend call me in the middle of his work trip to India so he could let me know he was proud of me.

It was the certainty that solid friendships were forged in the couple of short weeks that we spent in rehearsal.

It was the realisation that although what we were doing, in the grander scheme of things, was quite small, it had the potential to have a profound effect.

In almost equal parts, I have spent this campaign either hiding from or openly combating the vitriol and misleading information that has been disseminated throughout the news and social media. Wading through so much negativity can be emotionally and even physically exhausting.

The flash mob was a way of doing something constructive and positive with like-minded people who came together because of their shared belief in a common goal. It started as a form of escapism from the darkness, but instead of merely providing temporary sanctuary, it became a beacon of love that has literally obliterated all the shadows.

And besides, who doesn’t like dancing?

So, it is to my fellow dancers and the crew that I want to dedicate this thank you. Thank you for re-energising me. Thank you for reminding me of that amazing feeling not just to dance, but to dance with purpose. Most of all, thank you each and every one for being amazing individuals who can make you feel happy simply by walking into the room.

Today was an experience which I will never forget, but better is knowing that my life has been made richer by spending quality time with the people who I already knew, and by the new friends I’ve made along the way.

Now, I need to go and slip into something a little more comfortable – like a coma.

Good night, everyone – and check out the video below!



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